From a young age I’ve been creating art and lucid dreaming.  The vividness of my subconscious was an ideal source of inspiration, along with my love for the detailed work and impossible objects of MC Escher, the bizarre beasts and voluptuous women of Frank Frazetta and other sci-fi artists, as well as many other various Japanese and American Graphic Novels.
My origins lie in Pen & Ink but I would end up filling all the negative space with black so after discovering scratchboards in 2008 it quickly became my preferred medium.  I found that instead of adding shadow and darkness to light, the reductive process of revealing the light from the dark allowed my images to retain a defining edge and adding colored ink brought them to life.    

In 2011 I gave up the conventional lifestyle of a 9-5 and hit the road with my art, living out of my van and showcasing my work all across America.  After several years of adventure I settled back in the San Francisco Bay Area, my current home-base for all my creations.

Scratch Art​

Scratch Art is a medium where black ink is scratched off to reveal the white clayboard underneath.  Colored ink is then added to bring the images to life.

Art of Natalie McKean

Scratchboard & Pen and Ink  -  Metaphysical Sci-Fi