I am a self-taught, full-time working artist and designer. Throughout my career I have created a wide body of work, starting in pen and ink, with the occasional acrylic, then evolving to scratchboards or “scratch art”, essentially sgrafitto. I loved the feeling of scratching off the black ink to reveal the white clay board underneath, then adding colored inks which seemed to bring the images to life. With this method, instead of adding shadow to light, I could reveal the light within complete darkness. This dichotomy is the fuel for my art which tells a story of a harmonious existence, where supposed opposites are fused; light and dark, magic and science, organic and technic. The images come from all vibrational levels, from the raw and sinful to the enlightened celestial.

My work is dark and mystical yet it hopes to inspire love and expansive thought. It is science fiction representing the metaphysical world, often portraying my experiences, views & visions through the imagery. Seeing as how the genre has been and still mostly is predominantly male-oriented, I like to think that my images are a step towards reclaiming the eroticism of females through strength and feminine divinity.

In addition to external influences, I use my lucid dreaming and astral projection experiences as a large source of inspiration.


Artist portrait by Zhenya Sokolova ©